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Extreme Bolt, the leading polymer, ceramic and specialty metal provider world wide. Produces high performing materials that can be utilized on high temperature, corrosive, light weight, insulators, high strength and extra pure applications. Dominate in Google search engines through SEO and Paid advertising.

Keyword ranked at 2.2K in 2yrs, with 6K average monthly traffic
It was just 12% conversion rate in 2017-2018, and see how it improves this year
SEO has been performing well compared to Paid Ads
Sessions from social media


To increase sales conversion.


Provided 6-12 months SEO campaign, which increases its keywords ranked in Google. Improved its direct and organic traffic, started generating sales on the 6th month. For the 2nd year working with them, the business decided to engage with pay-per-click and helped them in setting it up and running it. A great choice of keywords that targets US, AU and CA with decent conversion rate as well compared to 0 baseline. To achieve goals of the business in increasing its ROI in order for the business to run long term.


The campaign provides a ranking keywords of 2.2K and increase its traffic average at 6K per month, which generated a number of new sales on the website. In this campaign, I have delivered an conversion rate of 6.6% in paid search and 6.74% in organic. This means, the SEO campaign has worked well while PPC have been supporting the conversion. 

2.2K Ranked Keywords

12% Conversion Rate

Traffic from Organic Search

From The Client

“I thank Jason from Grossiweb, who provided us the right strategy on what to take in engaging online. We could have spend much but we have spend less yet the returns is amazing. We have built strong presence in search engines for the first year and we have built our brand the 2nd year with them while enjoying conversion and sales from our organic presence. Great tactics and approach.”

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