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If you're an author looking to sell books, there’s a wide array of book marketing strategies that I can help you amplify your book exposure and reach more readers. To ignite inspiration and drive creative juices flowing, my book marketing and self publishing approach will guarantee support and improve your book sales, increase conversion rate and drive more reaaders.

A great book authors marketing strategy will also influence ROI; so the improvement of your book sales, the better your ROI will be for your book.

The amazing thing about marketing your book and you as an author is that there are virtually unlimited ways to do it. Beyond traditional publishing approach, there are a lot of tips, ideas, and even “insider” techniques. Here I will sight some few things how I will help you self published and the marketing strategy to be implemented for your book.However, this is just a starting point, you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone when promoting your book and be an author of your own book.

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You DO need a website when promoting your book! You choose your domain name, I will set it up with the web hosting included. A clean, professional, and easy to navigate website will be provided. Your book will also need a dedicated landing page where customers can easily buy on your website.

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Self publishing and marketing your book requires time. It doesn't work overnight. My book marketing and self publishing service is good for a year providing you with several strategies  focused on promoting your book such as video or book trailers, website, social media, self publishing, eBook creation that everyone can buy, etc.

I will help you to make the visitors convert on your website, I am ready to help market your book and do self publishing to boost the conversion rate. I will provde a long term CRO strategy for your book.

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Work for your money while making your money work for you! Invest your book marketing budget in me where I can developed an immediate return on your investment.